Here is what a few clients had to say:

“In order for my son to get into Mizzou he needed to go to summer school and pass math. He had never gotten better than a C in math. Roger was great. I am not sure how he did it but he gave my son the confidence and the right tools to succeed and he ended up getting a B in intermediate college algebra.  Needless to say he had a wonderful first semester at Mizzou and my son will always be grateful for Rogers help. We will use Roger again if need be.”

– Andy E. (Parent)

“I was very lucky to have Roger as my academic coach. He truly cares about his students and is very talented at what he does. He helped me prepare for the ACT test and improved my score dramatically. I don’t think I would be at the college I am now without his help. I have told many of my friends about his coaching services and they have all had amazing results as well. I strongly recommend Roger to be your next academic coach; you won’t be disappointed!”

– Ally Duncan (Student)

“We first hired Roger to work with our son who is a nationally ranked student athlete. Roger’s excellent work and influence on Matt was directly responsible for Matt’s resurgence in his academics and ultimately led to a division one 5 year football scholarship. Roger is extremely competent, detail orientated and punctual. Simply put, Roger is the kind of principled, quality individual that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of his services.”

– Michael Mathon (Parent)

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this customer testimonial concerning Roger Osorio’s Studee-Lounge.

It has been my sons, Sean and Ryan’s, good fortune to have the opportunity to work with Roger over the past few years.  Thanks to Roger’s approach with academics and his training and expertise with the ACT preparation, both boys showed improvement in self-confidence, acquisition of new skills and strategic approach, preparing them to perform at a level more accurately demonstrating their true ability.

Roger has provided academic oversight with the ACT preparation for my son Sean, which improved his score from an 18 to a 25.  He helped him develop strategies and showed him ways of making the best use of time by approaching the ACT test from his strengths.  He also worked with Sean on his Algebra II class in which he was failing.  Weekly meetings focusing on homework and study skills improved his final grade to a C+.

My son, Ryan, also worked with Roger to prepare for his Algebra I final last semester.  After only 4 sessions Roger provided an intense review and once again, instilled the confidence Ryan needed. When Ryan called to tell me he aced his final, once again, I was so grateful to have Roger to rely on knowing he can help these kids get through tough and trying academic situations.  Thanks Roger!”

– Deidre Rombach (Parent)

The following is an excerpt of a former student’s testimonial, click here for the full version.

” …after meeting Roger I found myself in a very relaxed and helpful environment…If I was stuck he would intervene and help me out, letting me then finish the problem by myself…He would remain very calm, positive, helpful and extremely reinforcing.

I stayed with Roger for the next few years. All of my grades improved by full letter grades and it felt really good to receive A’s on my tests and see my parents happy with no worries.  The reason I was able to connect with and pay attention to Roger, unlike the other tutors I went to, is because he’s young, has a hilarious sense of humor, and he is very flexible with his schedule and meeting places. I had a blast every time I met up with the guy…

Overall, working with Roger was the best thing that I have ever done for school help. It was better than the alternatives because Roger offers 1-on-1 sessions and he genuinely cares about his students. I also became more organized throughout the years because Studee-Lounge shows you how to take care of your homework early on and shows you how important time management really is. After being in college and applying those habits I earned a 4.0 in my first semester and I credit the time management and study skills Roger taught me…He is literally THE BEST source I have ever used for school and life skills.”

– Ryan Tegethoff (Student)