About Us

Studee-Lounge works with students to help them CRUSH their classes and become All-Star performers in their classrooms.  Never again will our students be afraid of a class.  

About Studee-Lounge

Studee-Lounge helps students CRUSH their classes by building confidence and teaching them how to learn and understand anything that comes their way.  What we do goes much farther than the next homework assignment or test.  We help students become better classroom performers so they can always stand their best chance of success.

How do we do this?

We approach students the same way executive coaches approach executives – we meet students where they are and guide them to solving their own problems.  ONLY when students solve their own problems can they truly be prepared to solve new challenges.  Let’s face it, tutors and coaches cannot be at tests and in the classroom.  Studee-Lounge helps students overcome short-term issues, but more importantly, positions students to succeed independently as new challenges come up in the long-run.

What do we believe?

We believe that students are capable of learning any subject they want.  We believe students have the ability to successfully complete any course and become OUTSTANDING at the ones they are most passionate about.  We believe all students can realize their potential and exceed it.  We believe the world needs better problem solvers – not walking encyclopedias.  Students need to learn to solve problems that do not yet exist.  In order to do that, they need learn to make and embrace mistakes, look at problems from different perspectives, be resilient, have grit, and believe they can do anything they decide they want to do.  We believe students can CRUSH their classes, start businesses, solve real-world problems, and contribute to a better world starting RIGHT NOW.  We believe that if we successfully unlock the potential of students, they will be all-stars in anything they do.

About Roger Osorio, Founder and Chief Academic Coach

Roger Osorio, Math Coach, Leadership Engagement Coach, and Speaker

I’ve always loved teaching and helping people realize their potential.  I often find that a lack of confidence or a few knowledge gaps are all that is standing in the way from realizing student potential.

I strongly believe that students must learn to become the absolute best learners and problem solvers they can be in order to be successful.  No matter what field they choose, the ability to solve problems is essential.  My passion is guided by my goal to help people achieve a higher level of understanding in all they do.  I look forward to developing this business into the most comprehensive academic performance offering possible, bringing together effective learning and application.


Roger Osorio
Founder and Chief Academic Coach,